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Girl Powerful Podcast

Apr 13, 2021

On this episode of The Girl Powerful Podcast Tedi and Sonya Serge welcome Yogi, Mother, and Mentor, Desi Bartlett. The girls discuss "feeling connected" meditation, Desi's parenting style, having someone like Desi involved the pre/post natal journey, tips for young women looking for some joy in their life, and so much more.

Guest: Desi Bartlett


Young Desi Bartlett and her journey to where she is today.

"Things can get better."


Advice for someone who has never felt connected.

"Surround yourself with beauty."


Desi's parenting style and what drives her to share her lifestyle with her sons.


What made Desi decide that she wanted dance to be her career?


What it is like having someone like Desi involved in pregnancy process.


The pelvic floor and inner unit.


Women needing to stay creative to be in tune with themselves.


Tips for young females who are looking for some joy in their life, and positive self talk.


The correlation between a mothers self esteem and confidence during pregnancy.

"The baby can hear everything you are thinking, the baby can feel everything you are feeling."


Eco Mats and yoga mats that could be harmful to your body.


What makes you feel the most alive?


Whats next for Desi Bartlett?


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